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I Sued and won  is  dedicated to empowering the average person with information, knowledge and insight about the law and legal principles. We are consumer advocates who promote and protect the interests of the the general public. We continue to use our knowledge and expertise to help find the right resolution for wining a small claims court case.

(ISAW) originally became a concept when I had to sue 4 different companies in 2017. My research allowed me to make some errors while gaining valuable information. has a residential broker in 2001. In 2005 (STGL) began specializing in helping residential customer to buy out of there chapter 13 bankruptcy. Through the years (STGL) has helped over 150 customers buy out of there BK.

 (STGL) is not a lender but a gateway to finding lending institutions, (STGL) continues to find funding for individual who purchased commercial or residential properties. Our fix and flip programs helps buyers with income producing properties pull equity from their portfollio of units to rehab and sell.

At Set To Go Loans our goal is to provide investors with the opportunity to grow there business, and with the right resources and tools we are able to find funding needed to increase profitability and growth.

Our philosophy is simple:
To provide the best business financing solution that works.

We turn their no, to your yes!


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