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Set To Go Loans (STGL) has developed a strong bond with several church lenders through out the United States. The lending guide lines are constantly changing to where many lenders no longer wants to keep church loans on the books. What that means is that even though you have paid all your bills on time they no longer want your business. To some it up in a few words is no one wants to Forclose on GOD. STGL has made it there niche to deal with loans that are difficult to finding funding for. We welcome the opportunity to take on your project and we will handle your information in an expeditious manner to close the loan a fast as possible.

(STGL) is not a lender but a gateway to finding lending institutions, (STGL) continues to find funding for over 200 loans for individual who purchased or refinance commercial or residential properties. Our fix and flip and income producing properties continues to help investors increase there portofolio of properties.

At (STGL) our goal is to provide investors with the opportunity to grow there business, and with the right resources and tools we are able to find funding needed to increase profitability and growth.


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