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Business Funding

Many of Set To Go Loans clients have been turned down by a bank or have found that the offering simply did not meet their needs. Our lenders have several custom business funding products that are easy to qualify for and can offer funding in a very short period time. We are able to approve many transactions that banks wont fund.Even if your personal credit is not great we can help.

If your business is needing capital cash infusion, we can help. Products that involve repayment of the funding advance from your future receivables may fund within 24 hours assuming you have submitted a complete application and provided the necessary supporting documentation required. More traditional financing products such as startup funding, lines of credit and fixed term loans can take 5 to 10 days depending upon the complexity of your business. SBA loans typically take 90 days to fund.

. Use the cash for whatever your business needs to keep its doors open and continue growing, whether that means purchasing new equipment, hiring new employees or making all your payments on time.