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Hard Money/ Soft Money Loans

SET TO GO LOANS (STGL) has found that many conventional lenders have strict underwriting guidelines for borrowers. They review credit, loan to value  and financial history to fianance a real estate deal. Good deals often go unfunded because they do not fit into the banks' standard deal sheets. Some lenders restrict lending in different regions, making it impossible to fund your deals.


STGL has modified its search for private lenders who have deep pockets and are flexible and willing to work with a beginner or a seasoned client. The documentation require is not as strict and it helps the consumer close loans faster! Gone are the days STGL works with private investment groups and private lenders, to offer more potential lending options for your deal to fund. No Hard Money loan offer 100% Financing. A Hard Money loan is a loan that is outside the normal. Its core statement "is that that a lender will loan you money on a short term basis of (1 year to 3 years) with a interest rate from 10 to 14%." Generally speaking when a investors uses Hard Money, they don't qualify for a traditional loan. 


 What We Offer

Set To Go Loans has done the leg work and found lenders that provide funding in states where others do not. We will promptly gather the information needed to evaluate your individual deal and will work with the lenders to get a timely loan determination to you. Not every deal is workable, but we will diligently pursue a loan on your behalf--at the best terms possible--and will let you know as soon as possible with funding options  available to you.



SET TO GO LOANS (STGL) transactions range from $100,000 to 100,000,000 Nationwide. Our clients range from individual business/investment property owners to large corporations and developers.


When time critical business transactions are at stake you can rely on Set To Go Loans (STGL) Hard Money expertise. Our commitment to quality of service allows us to meet deadlines that must absolutely be funded.

When you have an out of the box project that traditional sources have turned down, and you need knowledge and years of experience to obtain necessary Hard Money Financing, give us a call at (STGL).



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